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Your Chance,

To write your own Life Story

Marsilex Researcher Partner Program is a part-time work-from-home Internship program, to help people transform their lives and achieve goals with the help of Training, Marsilex Network Connections, and opportunities.

Welcome to


Marsilex Researcher Partner

About it

Many times, a college degree is not enough to land a job, or your years of experience to get a promotion. Change that by learning what to focus on, get trained, build a portfolio, get exclusive access to MARSILEX Network, and get the opportunities you wanted.

What's in it for you?

An overview of some of the perks in the MJR program.

Training to work smart & Tech-savvy

Certificate & recommendation letter

Earning opportunies

Exclusive Access to Marsilex Networks

Rewards & Discounts on Marsilex Offerings

Roles & Responsibilities

A brief of the type of work that you would need to do.

  • Research on the Assigned topics

  • Conduct Surveys, and Experiments.

  • Conduct Webinars 

  • Share the Articles, Videos, Websites, and date to your peers and connections

  • Attend the Activities and events as suggested by the Marsilex

  • Promote, manage and grow the local communities

  • Organize Hackathons, Events, and Other Challenges


Good opportunities for learners. Hardworking mentors always ready to solve queries.

Shamali Jawal


  • 6 hours every Week

  • 6-month program

  • Anyone can apply

#Get Smart

Researcher Partner

By Marsilex

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