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So what's in it for you?

A solution to the video courses challenges that makes people more employable and have better practical skills

Mentors and Peers to guide you, help solve queries when you are stuck 

Mentors and Peers to give you feedback and review to your assignments, and other works

Every week online meet to connect and collaborate to do something productive and fun

Curated resources that works

Help you with your job interview prep from resume review to mock interviews

We help your build your portfolio, network and your personal brand

Online Clubs


A second family to help grow, guide, solve challenges, network, practice, and stay updated in the skills that matter to achieve your life goals

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Learn and practice various Marketing concepts and techniques

Image by Nate Grant

React Coding

Learn and practice the most in-demand frontend technology 

Image by Antenna


Learn and practice how to better communicate with employers, clients, and your peers.

Know more

All Information about the Clubs

2-6 Hours every week

Access to various mentors, resources, connections, tools, strategies, and more in just one membership

2999 INR / Month Fee

We also have experts from top companies as Guest lectures once every month

Experienced, Practical, and Top in their field

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