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Are you looking to get a job?

A platform for Companies, Students, Colleges, and Industry professionals to collaborate for learning, training, and hiring.







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Placement support

Get Hired

If you have the skills, we have jobs for you. Get Interviewed and placed in a company.

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Training Programs

Upskill yourself

For companies to run after you, you need to have skills above the rest of the people. Let's get you there.

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Mock Interviews

One chance for success

To help you practice and guide you, so you can be the best of yourself to get succeed in a real interview. 

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Mera MBA Manager

Managed Talented MBA's

For MBA's to learn and help MSME at the same time. A unique program for you to groom yourself and contribute.

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Resume Writing

Getting your chance

Getting selected for the interview call with a normal resume is too hard to get. Stand out with our resume.

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Career Consultancy

The right way

We can help you select the right career for you to grow and live the life the way you want on your on terms.

New Age Webinars

A few of the best webinars, by the experts around the globe, to help you learn, practice, and succeed. what more do you need?

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05:00 PM IST, Nov 05, 2020

How to get leads using the power of Linkedin

Details are coming soon

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Announcing soon

Announcing soon


11:00 AM IST, Nov 06, 2020

A path for you to become great at Video Production

Details are coming soon

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Announcing soon

Announcing soon

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11:00 AM IST, Nov 06, 2020

Things you can't miss with React 

Details are coming soon

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Announcing soon

Announcing soon

Online Clubs

The new way of career development that caters the need of people post COVID-19

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Learn and practice various Marketing concepts and techniques

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React Coding

Learn and practice the most in-demand frontend technology 

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Learn and practice how to better communicate with employers, clients, and your peers.

Join the New Age Experience

An internship program that can help you grow faster than your peers, connect with industry professionals and employers all while doing fulfilling work


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