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Mere MBA Manager
Breaking the barrier of starting and growing your Business

Is this you?

Most start-ups and businesses when they are starting out generally want to get everything done faster and affordably while also requiring mentorship from experts of various domains.

Need Curated resources

Need Fast solutions

Does not want Enterprise level features & quality

Need help connecting with right people

Needs Process, Techniques, Software help

Need guidance from experts & experienced proffesionals, entrepreneurs & businessman

Need Affordable solutions

Find right Interns and experts for your business

We help you review & manage their work & setup processes

We provide training, resources and direction to the interns 

Save more than 35K-80K over agencies per month by working with trained interns & discounts on our partner services

Complimentary 3 mentoring sessions for 30 minutes on Marketing/sales, Business plan & Strategies & CA

Only 4999 INR /Intern/month and 4999 INR monthly Marsilex Service fee 

We help you with trained interns who can get work done by helping you get started and grow your businesses. We also help with mentoring the interns and taking updates from the interns so you don't have to worry about the hassle related to training and managing interns.

Our Solution?

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